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This is ground zero for everything Wendy Day related. Wendy came to the music industry as a huge fan of hip hop (music and the culture). Her focus has always been on artists retaining control while they make the bulk of the money from their own careers. She helps artists build fame, success, and leverage so they can make money with their music.

PowerMoves helps artists build successful careers in the music industry. This iconic consulting company helps artists, their investors, and independent record labels structure, organize, market, and promote music without the need of a major record label. We also help negotiate financially beneficial and distinctive record deals with distributors and major labels, but only for artist with extreme leverage (a successful career is the goal, getting a record deal is just one way to get there).

Artist Centric is an incubator/accelerator for the business side of the music industry. Artists who have budgets enroll and are selected for the highly sought out program to help with all aspects of making money with music. Artists are taught, hands on, how to build and run their own independent record labels and careers.

Wendy Day’s YouTube channel is the first stop for a variety of free music industry how-to videos and interviews with industry professionals. Videos can be found on a variety of topics and interests with topical information that can be applied to a career instantly. Subscribe and turn on notifications to never miss a new video.

Streaming live panel discussions and archiving Clubhouse panel discussions such as “15 on the 15th.

Wendy Day’s blog offers music industry inside information, articles on how to best navigate the music business, and Wendy’s rantings.

Rap-Resources sells lists that artists need to access people in the music industry by offering contact lists for radio, urban record labels, rap blogs and press (and all genre music blogs), and music supervisors at film, TV, and Games. There are also lists of entertainment lawyers, music publishing companies, and ad agencies. The lists are a Who’s Who of the decision makers who can make a positive impact on a career along with contact information.

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How To Get A Record Deal is available digitally at Amazon and iTunes

Audio Version read by Slick Rick— How To Get A Record Deal available at

Raponomics is Wendy Day’s podcast about the business and economics of rap music. It can be found where all popular podcasts are found: Apple, Spotify, Libsyn, or SoundCloud.

A not-for-profit artist advocacy organization for Rappers, Producers, and DJs. Rap Coalition was founded in March of 1992 to educate, support, and protect Rap artists, producers, and DJs.

An educational website to help artists and industry insiders understand the business of music and how to build their own record labels and/or successful careers.

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